National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation President and CEO Chris Cassidy, Retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Releases Statement of Remembrance Ahead of Memorial Day  

As America prepares to observe Memorial Day, Chris Cassidy, President and CEO of the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation, released the below statement: 

“Honoring and remembering the fallen is embedded in our nation’s DNA. In our country’s short history, we have made it a point to come together as a nation to remember the courageous women and men who made the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts spanning the globe to protect America and the freedoms we enjoy. 

“Memorial Day is a solemn day for the 64 Medal of Honor recipients who are still with us today. These courageous Americans view the award as a symbol of sacrifice. If you were to ask any one of them, they will all tell you the same thing, ‘This Medal is not about me. It is for those who fought alongside me but didn’t make it back home.’ At the National Medal of Honor Museum, it is our sacred duty to tell the courageous stories of the Medal’s recipients, and on this national day we remember those who perished in the line of duty. 

“This Memorial Day I encourage all Americans to take a moment to learn about and remember those who gave their lives to this country, and in so doing have allowed us to enjoy this long weekend with family and friends.” 

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