The National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation Partners with Janine Stange for the Sixth Annual “Medal of Honor Mail Call”

American heroes to receive letters of thanks on same day as the Museum’s historic groundbreaking ceremony, Medal of Honor Day, March 25th

ARLINGTON, TX (February 10, 2022) – The National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation (NMOHMF) is renewing for the sixth year its annual tradition of collaborating with Janine Stange to host the Medal of Honor Mail Call, inviting Americans to learn about the heroic acts of our nation’s Medal of Honor recipients and write them personal notes of gratitude for their patriotism and courage.

For generations of soldiers, “Mail Call” meant they had received a letter from home. Stange launched Medal of Honor Mail Call in 2017 as a way for students, businesses and individuals to learn about – and personally thank – our nation’s heroes. Letters from Americans across the country will be collected by the NMOHMF and delivered directly to the 66 Medal of Honor recipients still living today.

This year’s Medal of Honor Mail Call corresponds not only with Medal of Honor Day, but also with the historic groundbreaking ceremony for the National Medal of Honor Museum in Arlington, Texas.

“It is essential that Americans from all over reflect on the service and sacrifice that earned us our freedoms, and Medal of Honor Mail Call is the perfect opportunity for patriots to learn about and connect with individuals who went above and beyond the call of duty,” said Stange, a motivational speaker and singer who was the first person to perform the National Anthem in all 50 states.

“Medal of Honor Mail Call takes on new meaning this year, because our nation’s bravest heroes will be receiving personal thanks from grateful Americans at the same time we break ground on a museum that will share their legacies of service and sacrifice for generations to come,” said NMOHMF President & CEO Chris Cassidy. “What Medal of Honor recipients did for our country has the power to inspire, and we look forward to opening our doors once construction is complete and telling their stories to the benefit of all Americans.”  

Details about the program – including how to select a Medal of Honor recipient, the address to send letters, and the deadline for submissions – may be found here. Groups such as schools, teams, churches, companies, etc., please take a moment to explore living recipients from your state or a particular branch to write to.

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