Winter 2018 Newsletter

I am honored to be re-introducing the Medal of Honor Museum quarterly newsletter to our supporters and future supporters. Since our last communiqué a lot of exciting progress has been accomplished. All five of the past Presidents have accepted the recognition of being Honorary Directors. Having these five Commanders in Chief involved with our mission will mean a lot to the recipients and to America.

As of our fiscal year-end of June 30th, 2017, we have $9,741,319 in cash to continue our progress. We will soon have completed the plans and permitting to begin the initial phase of relocating Patriots Point Road to create the building envelope where the museum will be built. Shortly, we will also have completed plans for this iconic institute from our noted architect, Moshe Safdie. From these we will be able to proceed with accurate cost estimates and begin the initial bidding process for actual construction.

2017 was a year of focused planning to establish a solid foundation for successfully completing our mission; building America’s Home for Her Heroes. Working closely with the Town of Mount Pleasant, the State of South Carolina, and Washington DC, we are solidly in position to succeed.

2018 will be focused on going out to the private sector to secure the funding to build this Beacon of Heroism for our Great Country. Our goal continues to be to raise approximately 80% of our funds from private sources. The State of South Carolina has been extremely supportive. They recognize the significance of this institute being in their state.

Please visit our website to stay current with our progress. I also encourage you to recommend that your family and friends visit our website to become a supporter. This will be America’s museum to her greatest heroes. We are honored to have your support.

William W. Phillips

President, Chairman

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