Medal of Honor Museum Foundation Brings in 9/11 Memorial Leader

The foundation that’s raising the money for the proposed National Medal of Honor Museum at Patriots Point has brought in a new leader they hope will push it across the goal line as the clock ticks down for a showdown with the town over the design.
He’s Joe Daniels, who’s credited with raising $450 million to build the National September 11 Memorial and Museum on the site of the World Trade Center. Daniels became president and CEO of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation in 2006. The memorial opened in 2011, and the museum followed in 2014.
“I can’t wait to begin work on the National Medal of Honor Museum, as many courageous men and women, and Medal of Honor recipients, enlisted in our armed services following 9/11,” Daniels said in a statement. “This museum will house uniquely American stories of bravery and sacrifice, and it will serve as a place for all Americans to gather.”

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