Lieutenant awarded Medal of Honor 151 years later

The inspiring story of Lieutenant Alonzo Hereford Cushing, killed at Gettysburg, age 22.
His bravery at Gettysburg was well-documented at the time. He has been called the most famous lieutenant to be killed during the Civil War, and he was buried with honors at West Point.
But it took 151 more years, in 2014, for the young hero to receive the Medal of Honor.
More than 60 of his descendants, some who now live in San Diego and other parts of Southern California and some who were named after him, attended the ceremony at the White House and an induction ceremony held the next day at the Pentagon. There, Jessica Loring — Cushing’s first cousin, three generations removed — said Cushing’s story is one of “loyalty, of courage and sacrifice, and service above self.”

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