letter: Find a way

The Post and Courier, Opinion, 5/2/2018
Thank you for your April 29 editorial concerning the National Medal of Honor Museum to be built at Patriots Point. It is most heartening to read that the new foundation CEO Joe Daniels is working closely and regularly with the town of Mount Pleasant to come up with a compromise that will be acceptable to all.
The site at Patriots Point is the best location in America for this national treasure, and I hope the height and road issues can be resolved quickly. It sounds to me as if Mr. Daniels is trying to go back to square one and do things the collaborative way, which is a very good sign.
Once the final design is agreed upon by Town Council and the museum, Mr. Daniels can begin in earnest to raise the remaining $100 million needed to build and endow the museum.
I hope to see the reality of the museum and chapel in my lifetime.
James E. Livingston
Major General
Marine Corps (Retired)
Cooper River Drive
Mount Pleasant

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