Letter: 9/11 Memorial — setting the record straight

As the daughter of a World War II Navy veteran and the sister of a Navy fighter pilot, I strongly support the construction of the National Medal of Honor Museum.
This is a history, not just of the heroic deeds of individual Americans, but also of the times in which they lived and the wars they were called upon to fight. We owe it to them and their fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard members to mark and preserve this history for future generations.
In light of his performance at the Memorial & Museum, Joe Daniels is the right person to bring the National Medal of Honor Museum to completion. At Ground Zero, he effectively navigated among constituencies with a personal stake in that sacred place, successfully managed the financial, logistical and political aspects of building there, and was central to raising $450 million. He always maintained his sense of optimism and kept his eyes on the horizon. I truly believe God put him in our path.
Debra Burlingame
Hudson River Valley, N.Y.
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