Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson – Medal of Honor

Since the Medal of Honor was created as the nation’s highest military award for bravery in 1861, fewer than 3,600 medals have been awarded. Now, there are plans to create a museum dedicated to the men and one woman who’ve received it. James Rosen speaks with a recent recipient of the medal, whose gallantry was caught on camera.

President Obama: As the helicopter touches down by a remote village, you see out of a cloud of dust an American soldier. He’s without his helmet, standing in the open, exposing himself to enemy fire, standing watch over a severely wounded soldier.

James Rosen: In 2013, President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to army captain William Swenson for his bravery in Afghanistan, four years earlier, at the battle of Ganjgal. A 6-hour ambush near the Pakistani border that killed 12-coalition troops, wounded 18-more.

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