Community members agree on architectural design of Medal of Honor Museum

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Dozens gathered at Wando High School Tuesday evening to discuss the future of the Medal of Honor Museum.
The public input meeting gave the community a chance to comment on the building’s architecture and design.
Three sketches were shown to the group and most agreed that the pavilion styled design was the one to fit in Mount Pleasant.
Originally, the museum was planned to be built above the trees, but now the  structure is built within, flowing with the landscape.
According to Joe Daniels, CEO of the museum, March 2023 is the target date board members are planning for opening the historic structure.
Daniels said although it has been tough at times, it is a positive collaboration with Mount Pleasant Town Council and community members.
Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Jim Taylor talked about when he was inducted in 1968 after rescuing several military members from trucks that had exploded.
He reflected to when Gen. Doolittle told him that one day there would be a museum, and to make sure it was done right.
A word cloud was used during the meeting to gather insight on what people thought of the museum. Words that popped out most were honor, selflessness, and courage.
Patrick Gallagher, a world wide museum designer, says that this would be one of his most meaningful projects, and that he wants to create a building that supports a story.
Pictures showed giant rooms with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Cooper River, and an abundant garden that would be landscaped outside the building.
Community members agreed that it is a national monument of significance that inspires awe, according to a poll taken from around 700 people.
According to board members the Medal of Honor Museum has received over 22,000 donations from all 50 states.

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