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Name Service Branch Conflict Accredited To Place of Birth
Apple, Andrew O U.S. Army Civil War West Virginia Pennsylvania
Appleton, Edwin Nelson U.S. Marine Corps Boxer Rebellion New York New York
Appleton, William H U.S. Army Civil War New Hampshire New Hampshire
Archer, James W U.S. Army Civil War Indiana Indiana
Archer, Lester U.S. Army Civil War New York New York
Archinal, William U.S. Army 5/22/1863 Ohio
Armstrong, Clinton L U.S. Army 5/22/1863 Indiana
Arnold, Abraham K U.S. Army Civil War Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Arther, Matthew U.S. Navy Civil War Massachusetts
Ashley, Eugene U.S. Army Vietnam War New York North Carolina
Asten, Charles U.S. Navy Civil War Illinois
Aston, Edgar R U.S. Army Indian Campaigns Ohio Ohio
Atkins, Daniel U.S. Navy Interim 1871-1898 Virginia Virginia
Atkins, Thomas E U.S. Army World War II South Carolina South Carolina
Atkinson, Thomas E U.S. Navy Civil War Massachusetts Massachusetts
Auer, John F U.S. Navy Interim 1871-1898 New York New York
Austin, Oscar P U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War Arizona Texas
Austin, William G U.S. Army Indian Campaigns New York Texas
Avery, James U.S. Navy Civil War New York
Avery, William B U.S. Army Civil War Rhode Island Rhode Island
Ayers, David U.S. Army 5/22/1863 Ohio
Ayers, James F U.S. Army Indian Campaigns Virginia Virginia
Ayers, John G K U.S. Army 5/22/1863 Illinois
Babcock, John B U.S. Army Indian Campaigns Connecticut Louisiana
Babcock, William J U.S. Army Civil War Rhode Island Connecticut