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Links in the Chain
A program of the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation

The National Medal of Honor Museum, Leadership Institute, and Monument will not only commemorate the stories of our Medal of Honor recipients, but also unite Americans around what it means to be patriotic, and inspire everyone to find the hero within.

We are calling upon all Americans to join our mission to inspire America and to grow communities that strengthen and uphold the values of the Medal of Honor: courage and sacrifice, commitment and integrity, citizenship and patriotism.


Organizations that represent or serve military, veteran, or first responder communities are invited to join our Links in the Chain program.

Your organization must be a 501(c) nonprofit organization that serves military and veteran communities, an accredited Law Enforcement Agency, Fire Department (volunteer or professional), Emergency Medical Services Unit, or a military program associated with an educational institution such as ROTC or JROTC. 


Links in the Chain is a program of the National Medal of Honor Museum. No dues or funds of any kind are exchanged between a member organization and the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation.


Links in the Chain is a community committed to collaboration and mutual support. We work to promote each other’s efforts to further the ideals we all represent.

The National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation regularly promotes Links in the Chain member organizations to our donors, social followers, and newsletter subscribers. 

We have several educational and outreach programs. We ask that you accept occasional correspondence from us and consider sharing our work with your members too.