Flagship Experience

Leading In the Moment: Applying Medal of Honor Virtues to Work and Life

Partner with the nation's greatest
heroes to live and lead with honor.

the only immersive leadership experience guided by medal of honor recipients

In this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will explore your identity as a Leader of Character through the lens of the virtues embodied by the nation’s highest recognition—the Medal of Honor—taught by the few who have received it.










In addition to working with Medal of Honor Recipients, you will also partner directly with world-class facilitators, elite athletes, military leaders, and renowned influencers to challenge and strengthen how you lead in moments of chaos, calm, and crisis.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of our guest speaker list, we won’t release the line-up until closer to the event.


You will test your ability to take action and make agile, intelligent decisions across multiple live-action Special Operations scenarios, activating core concepts in real time. Put your real-world challenges in perspective in a battle simulation led by U.S. Special Forces veterans. Learn what it takes to make tough calls, lead under pressure, and rise to the occasion. 


In this deliberately challenging developmental environment, you’ll hear stories of those who changed the course of history—and be changed in the process. You’ll contribute to small and large group discussions to better understand and embed leadership concepts on a profound level. It is here you’ll foster lifelong connections with a select cohort of like-minded peers dedicated to building and growing a community of Leaders of Character.


As you will learn from those who passed “the ultimate test,” ordinary people can do extraordinary things in extreme conditions. You will define and take your leadership “stand” to align with your values, attitudes, and actions—and immediately feel the impact of knowing who you are as a leader and as an active contributor to the greater good.


You will leave the course ready to establish a leadership rhythm packed with Habits of Excellence that will benefit everyone on your team. Walk away from the week knowing you experienced something very few ever will—shaking hands with our nation’s greatest heroes and expanding their honorable legacy with every day to come.

The medal of honor is proof that ordinary men and women have within them the potential to challenge fate and literally change the course of history. it only requires the courage to try.

– Paul "buddy" bucha, u.s. army, medal of honor recipient

World-class facilitators

Dr. Kevin Basik


A 23-year officer veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Kevin has served as one of the top advisors to Pentagon senior leaders on issues of professionalism and values-based leadership, impacting the development of 3.2 million service members. He is recognized as one of the DoD’s top thought leaders in leadership development, traveling around the world to inspire service members to “lead from the front” with values-based leadership.

No stranger to active leadership, Kevin has successfully guided teams ranging from small units to international organizations of over 16,000 members. In addition, he regularly directs and delivers highly-recognized leadership development programs for students, faculty, managers, Special Operations warriors, law enforcement officers, elite athletes, senior government officials, and Fortune 500 corporate executives.

He has spent over 25 years studying and activating leadership behavioral integrity as the prime mover of trust, accountability, and performance.

Kevin is a 1993 United States Air Force Academy graduate with a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Virginia Tech) and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior (Florida State University College of Business).

Dr. David Keller


Dr. Dave Keller is the Director of the Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership for the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University, where he oversees leadership and character development for more than 2200 of Texas A&M’s most visible undergraduate students.

In his 20+ year career in the U.S. Air Force, Dave directed all cadet character, ethics, and leadership programs at the Air Force Academy, including more than 120 annual seminars and the Academy’s acclaimed National Character & Leadership Symposium. 

Dave also served as the Deputy Vice Commandant of the Air Force Academy and led many of the Academy’s organizational culture & climate change efforts—including the nation’s largest collegiate peer education team. 

His experience includes serving as the senior U.S. advisor to the Iraqi Air Force Academy in Baghdad and working side-by-side with Iraqi leaders to rebuild the Iraqi military. He later guided the efforts of U.S. Air Force personnel across 7 locations in Iraq and was one of the principal authors of the initial U.S. drawdown strategic plan. 

Dave holds an undergraduate degree in Human Behavior & Leadership from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from St Mary’s University in San Antonio. Dave earned his Ph.D. from Texas A&M, where his primary research focused on the moral and ethical development of leaders.

Rick "Rocky" Rochelle


A lifelong student of leadership theory, Rick has led and taught practical leadership in a wide range of environments, from the backcountry to the boardroom. 

Since joining the National Outdoor Leadership School faculty in 1987, he has developed leaders on 130 wilderness expeditions (350 field weeks on six continents). He’s taught leadership to astronauts in snow caves, Naval Academy faculty in the desert, Wharton students in Antarctica, Columbia MBA students in Patagonia, Maasai warriors on Mt. Kenya, Naval Academy midshipmen on Alaskan glaciers, Google directors in Singapore, and countless executives.

For the last 20 years, Rick has been an organizational leader—as assistant director of NOLS Alaska and director of NOLS Professional Training, where the team doubled the number of students served through business-to-business relationships and  quadrupled the bottom line. For the last seven years, he and the team at All American Leadership have inspired, empowered, and challenged leaders to create and sustain high-performing cultures. Rick leads three efforts at AAL: strategic planning, serving firefighters, and executive coaching.

In addition to his leadership development experience, Rick earned a BSE (Princeton), MS (Colorado State), and certificates in Non-Profit Management (U of Alaska), and Leadership Coaching (Georgetown).

Kristin "Uch" Hoover


An executive coach who serves on the leadership faculty for CTI, Kristin works with senior leaders from all over the world to amplify their impact and meet the evolving and emerging needs of today’s most challenging strategic landscapes.

Across her 20-year career with the United States Air Force and through several deployments, she led $2-3B portfolios to rebuild the electricity sector in Iraq, stimulate the local economy to help transition 122,000 troops out of Iraq, and aid in the nation-building efforts after the genocide in Bosnia. Together with her team, she helped the Air Force change how its multi-functional teams train, fight, and deploy, effectively equipping 4,500 troops to hit the ground running within months.

As an experienced negotiator, Kristin is a win-win force of nature, building dream teams, mentoring high-impact leaders, and revamping leadership development programs to help the world’s most effective leaders inspire their teams to rise to the occasion. She has witnessed the quiet integrity and goodness of humanity in the most austere environments, and she’s driven to bring out the absolute best in people, no matter the circumstance.

Kristin has two master’s degrees in Organizational Leadership (Chapman University) and National Resource Strategy (Industrial College of the Armed Forces) as well as a bachelor’s degree and commission from the U.S. Air Force Academy. In 2017, she graduated from the Coaches Training Institute’s Executive Leadership Program in Sonoma, California.

Space is limited.

impact is exponential.

The inaugural Flagship Experience by the National Medal of Honor Institute is by invitation only.

What to expect

before the event

Two weeks prior to the in-person event, you will participate in two 90-minute virtual “Momentum sessions” designed to:

  • Connect you with your fellow cohort members.
  • Equip you with the foundational framework and language used in the course.
  • Inspire you with key concepts to make the course more personally relevant.
  • Prepare you with final logistical and administrative items.

during the event

Upon arriving at the beautiful Live! By Loews Hotel in Arlington, TX, you and your diverse cohort of 25 select peer-leaders will participate in 3.5 days of interactive, highly-engaging sessions and activities designed around the Medal of Honor leadership virtues.

You will be in the room where it happens as exceptional facilitators, highly-successful military and corporate leaders, and Medal of Honor recipients guide you through a transformational leadership development journey. Topics will include:

  • Crystalizing Your Guiding Code
  • Conquering Fear in Your Battles of Life and Leadership
  • Leading Through Chaos and Uncertainty
  • Forging a Culture of Trust and Accountability
  • Demonstrating “Above and Beyond” Leadership

Each day will be filled with an energizing assortment of in-class modules, off-site activities, breakout groups, fireside leadership sessions, reflection / application periods, and a compelling legacy ceremony to bring the virtues to life.

after the event

All cohort members will be invited to participate in virtual “commitment check-in” sessions and have the opportunity to serve as an alumni mentor for future cohorts.

In addition, program alumni will have the opportunity to engage in other Institute offerings (open attendance and invite-only) to include virtual summits, learning lunches, peer coaching breakouts, discussion groups, and more.

Who should attend

this program is specifically designed for:

  • Mid- to senior-level professionals across industries and professions who are “force multipliers” in their organizations and communities, currently leading functions, divisions, large-scale programs or projects. Mission-impacting leaders who want to expand their ability to significantly influence their teams and cultures will benefit immensely from this experience.
  • People who hope to better understand the virtues embodied by the Medal of Honor – commitment, sacrifice, courage, integrity, and service—cut across the human experience and have a place in every position and profession. The ideal participant will be excited to explore how these virtues can impact their personal, relational, and organizational domains.
  • Leaders who are ready for a completely different development experience. This is a hands-on, live-action, leadership obstacle course. The cohort is intentionally small. The discussions and concepts are purposefully challenging. Our activities may be difficult and a bit uncomfortable. Our guest speakers and facilitators bring a life perspective unlike you’ve ever known. And if you are who we think you are, this will intrigue you more than scare you.
  • Individuals who recognize the significance of those who have earned the Medal of Honor. One of the powerfully unique aspects of this program is that you’ll be directly learning from and engaging with recipients of our nation’s highest award for valor. Of the 40 million+ people who have served in the US military since the Civil War, fewer than 4,000 have received this honor, and fewer than 70 are still alive. While these heroes often describe themselves as “unexceptional people who, when the moment arrived, did something exceptional,” we all have much to learn from their lives and legacies. This will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime week for most participants, which is why we’re making it first come, first serve—and preserving the experience with a limited number of participants.

special note:

This is not a program specifically for people in the military or with combat experience. It is for leaders—corporate, non-profit, civilian, military, and beyond—who want to stand and lead with character and honor in the face of fear, uncertainty, and inevitable hardship

working agenda


Wednesday, 02 November

2:00-3:30 PM Central:
The Foundations of Honor

WEDNESDAY, 09 November

2:00-3:30 PM Central:
Defining Your Role as a Leader of Character

in-person event:

Monday, 14 November

Day 0: Arrive & Engage
(Arrival and Check-In by 4:30 PM)

  • Welcome Dinner & Call to Action
  • Challenge Session with Medal Of Honor Recipient Session: What the Great Leaders Do

Tuesday, 15 November

Day 1: Living Honorably

Target Leader Virtues: Integrity & Courage

  • Building Your Leadership “Stand”
  • 3 Courage Catalysts for the Battles in Your Life
  • Senior Executive Perspective Session: Leading Above and Beyond

Wednesday, 16 November

Day 2: Lifting Others to Their Best Selves

Target Leader Virtues: Sacrifice & Commitment – Beyond Self

  • Experiential Session with Special Operations Warriors: The BattleLab
  • Creating a Team Worth Fighting For
  • Challenge Session with Medal of Honor Recipient / Elite Athlete: Battlefield Leadership Lessons

Thursday, 17 November

Day 3: Advancing the Mission to a Greater Goods

Target Leader Virtues: Service & Commitment – To Something Bigger

  • Challenge Session with Service Exemplar: Your Leadership Legacy
  • Experiential Session: The Leadership Impact Accelerator
  • Commitment Ceremony / Graduation Dinner

Friday, 18 November

Departure Day

Logistics and pricing

Event location:

The event will be based at The National Medal of Honor Museum Headquarters in Arlington, Texas. During the experience, we will venture to more of the city’s world-class venues, including:


$10,000 (+ Airfare, Transportation and Parking)

Investment includes:

  • All program-related meals
  • Course materials
  • Program-related activities
  • Four nights of lodging at the Live! by Loews hotel in Arlington, Texas

The lives of truest heroism are those in which there are no great deeds to look upon. It is the little things done well that go to make up a truly successful and good life.

– president Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. Army, Medal of Honor recipient

frequently asked questions

The inaugural Flagship Experience is invite-only. To submit an inquiry, please email KBasik@mohmuseum.org.

This course is a commitment and an investment—both for you as a participant and for us as an organization. Due to the extensive preparation and costs required for the successful launch of this course, we reserve the right to process your reservation fees in the following ways, based on the amount of advanced notice.


> 30 days

  • Substitutions allowed: Yes (no fee)
  • Transfer Fee: 0% (full reimbursement)
  • Cancellation Fee: 0% (full reimbursement)

15- 30 days

  • Substitutions allowed: Yes ($250 fee)
  • Transfer Fee: 15% of registration fee
  • Cancellation Fee: 50% of registration fee

3-14 days

  • Substitutions allowed: Yes ($500 fee)
  • Transfer Fee: 15% of registration fee
  • Cancellation Fee: 50% of registration fee

Less than 7 days

  • Substitutions allowed: No
  • Transfer Fee: 50% of registration fee
  • Cancellation Fee: 100% of registration fee

If requested, any remaining balance of a cancelled Course’s registration fee may be applied to another program within 12 months of the original Course’s Phase 1 date. After 12 months, thebalance is non-refundable.Cancellation, substitution, and transfer requests can be submitted to Kevin Basik.

A single organization can nominate up to three people.

As the intent is to preserve the integrity and diversity of the learning experience, we limit the number of reserved seats per organization, industry, and profession.

Your cohort partners are other high-impact leaders hungry to strengthen themselves. They represent a variety of industries and professions and will be a huge source of insight and awareness as you all challenge and push each other to be your best possible selves, personally and professionally.

We will make every effort to accommodate whatever physical limitations so that you get the most out of this immersive program. We will explore any reasonable curricular adjustments to allow you to maximize participation and learning.

The goal of this program is to be available to meet the needs of our country’s leaders. Program dates will be based on the availability of speakers and Medal of Honor recipients, feedback of cohort participants, and the active waitlist. Our hope is to host this experience at least twice a year. To be notified of our next program, please join our waitlist and subscribe to our newsletter.