Building our Collection

Help us tell the stories of our Medal of Honor recipients

The National Medal of Honor museum is seeking authentic artifacts and objects that will help us to tell the story of our more than 3,500 Medal of Honor recipients. To help us in that mission, the museum is seeking the following kinds of objectsfor its collection. These objects will be employed in exhibits that will be inside our future state-of-the-art museum in Arlington, Texas.

Items of Interest

Medals of Honor
Please note that it is illegal to buy and sell Medals of Honor and other high military decorations. We would be more than honored to accept loaned or donated medals.

  • Medal of Honor Certificates, Flags, Ribbons, or other Related Objects
  • Other military decorations and insignia earned by a Medal of Honor recipient
  • Uniform items, unit patches, dogtags or other personal effects of a Medal of Honor recipient
  • Weapons or other equipment utilized and/or owned by Medal of Honor recipients
  • Photographs, letters, diaries, journals from Medal of Honor recipients and family members.
  • Reunion materials, yearbooks, scrapbooks related to a Medal of Honor recipient
  • Flags associated with ships that a Medal of Honor recipient was assigned to or carried on. Flags associated with Medal of Honor units.
  • Original movie posters related to Medal of Honor recipients and their battles.
  • Artwork associated with Medal of Honor recipients and their actions.
  • First-edition books written by Medal of Honor recipients
  • Autographs of Medal of Honor recipients

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my donation be on display at the Museum?
All Medals of Honor, unless they are involved in a conservation or restoration effort, will be on display at the museum. For all other items we will strive to present as many objects that we can that will help us to tell the storiesof the recipients.

How will you use my donated objects prior to the opening of your museum?
Prior to our opening in 2024, the National Medal of Honor Museum will display a limited number of objects within a temporary gallery (Preview Site) in Arlington,Texas. Your donation will also be carefully digitized and presented on our National Medal of Honor Museum website and could be used within our educational and leadership programs – all efforts that will start prior to the opening of our museum.

How will my donation be credited?
The National Medal of Honor museum will provide a credit on labels within our museum exhibits and on our website. For example, a credit could read “Gift of Mr. John Smith and Family” or “Donated in Memory of James Doolittle.”

Where is my donated object if it is not on display?
The National Medal of Honor museum will store your donated object within a safe, secure, museum-quality storage facility. During this time, your donated object may be accessed by researchers and educators to help expand our knowledge and appreciation of the Medal of Honor and its recipients.

Will the Museum provide an appraisal for donors?
The National Medal of Honor Museum is unable to provide appraisals for donated objects at this time. We would encourage you to find an independent, professional appraiser for your objects. Please consider: or

Will my donated objects stay together as donated?
Many framed items or shadow box collections do not employ archival quality materials. There may be considerations taken by the museum to separate such displays to ensure the long-term, proper care of the objects.

Can I see my donated objects if they are not on display?
Yes. With advanced notice we would be delighted to provide access to your donated objects for you and family members.

Still have questions regarding your donation? Email us at